Steve Laleman of Minneota, Minnesota recently received a giant check (literally) from Cenex. Adam Steffes, certified energy specialist with Farmers Cooperative Association in Canby, Minnesota, delivered the 3-foot-long check. Steve Laleman of Minneota, Minnesota received a check to cover repairs to a Case IH tractor covered under the Cenex Total Protection Plan® warranty program.

Laleman received $23,306 to cover repairs to a Case IH tractor covered under the Cenex Total Protection Plan® warranty program, which extends beyond equipment manufacturers’ warranties to provide valuable coverage to producers who use premium Cenex fuels and lubricants.

With the Total Protection Plan, CHS will pay for costs, including installation and labor, to repair or replace parts that fail during normal use, as long as Cenex lubricants and fuels are used exclusively. The program covers new equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours, as well as used equipment for up to 8 years or 8,000 hours with no deductible.

“When you’re looking at a $23,000 tractor repair bill, you think about trading it in rather than repairing it. I’m really glad I had the Cenex warranty. It’s a lot better than any manufacturer’s warranty,” says Laleman, who also has two other tractors and a combine enrolled in the Cenex Total Protection Plan program.

The warranty program, dependable performance and convenience of bulk delivery have kept Laleman coming back to Cenex oils for over 10 years now. He also recommends Cenex premium diesel fuels. “You get the power and it’s cleaner burning,” he says.

“You won’t find any other warranty program that’s even remotely close to the Cenex Total Protection Plan,” says Steffes. “I’ve heard from many farmers who were thankful they had the Cenex warranty to cover large repair bills. The best thing about the program is that repairs don’t have to be fuel or oil related to be covered. Using Cenex products and following through on oil analysis is enough.”

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