Winter is not for the faint of heart. From slippery road conditions to sub-zero temperatures that can drain your car battery, driving in the winter can feel more like a series of tests than a simple way to get from point A to point B.

Taking the proper precautions and proactively gathering emergency supplies is the first step in ensuring safer driving throughout the winter. 

Pulling together what you need to prepare your vehicle for winter doesn’t take long and can make a big difference in both safety and minimizing cold-weather setbacks. Consider keeping the following safety items in your vehicle at all times to stay prepared for road-side challenges this winter:

  1. Small shovel
  2. Jumper cables
  3. Towing rope
  4. Emergency signals (hazard sign, road flares)
  5. Flashlight and a kerosene lighter
  6. Small food items, snacks
  7. Blanket/extra clothing
  8. Basic tools/ spare tire
  9. First-aid kit
  10. Cat litter


Wherever the winter roads take you this year, be sure to use the Cenex Location Finder to find a helpful Cenex store along the way.

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