As long as humanity has existed, we’ve grappled with the fear of the dead rising from their graves, sticking their Frankenstein arms out in front of them and terrorizing cities, the countryside and society at large.

Zombie invasion or not, have you thought about what supplies you’ll need on hand to survive for five, 10 or even 30 days? The survivalists among us have certainly stockpiled a three-month supply of nonperishables and instruments of survival. So, now it’s your turn. Review what makes up an adequate survival kit so you can prepare. You know, just in case of zombies.

  • Food – Dry, canned, nonperishable foodstuffs are the centerpiece of any zombie survival kit, items like granola bars, crackers, fruit cocktail, canned tuna and beef jerky. You need the protein for strength, the carbohydrates for energy and the fruit for warding off scurvy. Fighting off a horde of the undead is exhausting! To stock up and fuel up, try your local Cenex convenience store.
  • Fuel – You secured enough propane to get through the winter, right? These zombie apocalypses have a tendency to drag on. The expert zombie survivalists know that staying put and keeping quiet is as good a strategy as any. But staying put means staying comfortable. So make sure you secure your propane needs now so you have plenty on hand for keeping warm and cooking food.
  • Communications – It’s unlikely your favorite reality show is going to be airing during an apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean you should become a hermit. Contacting the outside world, or at least hearing emergency broadcasts will keep you up to date. Grab a radio you can charge by hand (bonus points if it doubles as a flashlight) and tune it to your local stations. They’ll help you with emergency information and communicate any rendezvous points.
With the right combination of food, fuel and communication savvy, you’ll be sure to survive your first zombie apocalypse or be prepared for any emergency situation.

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