After long, demanding weeks in the field, you may be ready for some R&R. Before taking a well-deserved break, remember to perform equipment maintenance to set you up for easier days ahead. Here are four recommendations to include in your annual winterizing routine.

1. Get a used oil analysis.

Your equipment works overtime to meet the grueling demands of the busiest time of year. By the end of the season, all that wear and tear can take a toll, and seemingly small issues can lead to bigger problems in the future. A LUBESCAN® USED OIL ANALYSIS is an easy way to catch early warning signs of major issues that could be brewing inside your engine.

2. Replace and top-off with high-quality fluids.

Once you’ve performed a used oil analysis, you will want to change your oil before you put your equipment away for winter. This is especially true if the results of your analysis reveal any traces of wear and tear. Try a high-quality engine oil from Cenex® like MAXTRON® ENVIRO-EDGE® synthetic diesel engine oil, engineered for maximum lifespan and excellent protection against corrosive wear.

In addition to an oil change, perform maintenance on your tractor hydraulic system. Since they’re not airtight, they’re prone to letting in moisture as equipment sits all winter, which can cause condensation. The best way to prevent condensation is to minimize the airspace inside by filling your tractor hydraulic tank. To further minimize condensation, consider switching to a tractor hydraulic fluid designed to prolong the life of your system’s seals, like MAXTRON® THF+.

3. Log your last oil change.

Even if your used oil analysis comes back clean, consider replacing your oil before winter. Remember, the longer an oil has been used, the less effective it becomes at protecting against rust and corrosion.

4. Grease up moving parts.

Once you’ve taken care of your equipment’s other fluids, grease moving parts. Even though farm equipment will be sitting still all winter, moving parts can still corrode. Using a high-quality grease like Cenex MAXTRON® FS provides superior protection against rust and corrosion. Switching to a high-quality grease will help your equipment perform at its best.

When the hard work is over, it can be tempting to overlook details like winterizing your equipment. Immediately following harvest is a great time to maintain your equipment to protect it all winter. Contact your local Cenex lubricant dealer to partner on a maintenance routine that works best for your operation.

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