Construction teams know that every hour spent on the jobsite has an impact on their bottom line. That’s why it’s important to keep equipment in check to minimize costly downtime. One way to keep construction equipment maintenance to a minimum is by leveraging synthetic lubricants. 

Whether you’re working in cold, hot, dirty or dusty conditions, full- and semi-synthetic lubricants provide the superior ALL-TEMPERATURE PERFORMANCE you need to deliver in tough circumstances. In addition to the year-round protection that synthetic lubricants offer, here are the top four benefits of using synthetic engine oils and greases in construction equipment.

  1. Extended drain intervals. Synthetic engine oils like CENEX® MAXTRON® ENVIRO-EDGE® and MAXTRON DEO allow for fewer oil changes, which means you can spend more time moving dirt and less time waiting for equipment maintenance to take place. This not only minimizes downtime, but it also reduces maintenance costs without sacrificing oil quality.

  2. Easier cold starts. SYNTHETIC GREASES and synthetic oils lubricate equipment more effectively in colder weather, making for easier cold starts. The faster the oils and greases in your equipment heat up, the more quickly your engine is protected, reducing costly damage to your machinery. 

  3. Less friction. The molecules in synthetics are more consistently shaped, which helps to better manage heat caused by friction in your equipment. By reducing heat, you’ll extend the life of your oil and equipment. 

  4. Consistent performance. Conventional oils and greases work well for a while, but their performance tapers off over time. Synthetic lubricants perform longer than conventional oils, protecting your equipment for the long haul. 

Now that you know how synthetic lubricants prevent equipment breakdowns, it’s important to learn how to catch potential equipment failure before it gets out of control. The only way to get a look inside your equipment without taking your machines apart is by performing a LUBESCAN® USED OIL ANALYSIS. This test catches problems while they’re small and repairable, allowing you to schedule repairs at a time that works for you. 

No matter what kind of equipment you’re using, the Cenex line of full- and semi-synthetic lubricants fit the specifications your operation needs. The CENEX EQUIPMENT LOOKUP TOOL makes it easy to find the right products that help your equipment run its best, like CENEX MAXTRON ENVIRO-EDGE and MAXTRON DEO. Talk to your LOCAL CENEX DEALER to learn more.

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