Construction equipment has come a long way - and so have the lubricants that keep it running smoothly. As technology for machinery has advanced, the industry has demanded that lubrication and other fluids keep up with changing transmissions and increased load requirements. Keep these three things in mind when sorting through what your equipment needs.

1. Stress is a (huge) factor. 

Construction rigs have many different lubrication needs, and whether they are pushing dirt or pulling loads, they all (unsurprisingly) are put under a lot of stress. This is why most construction lubricants are formulated to be pretty tough. The following lubricants, however, should receive special attention: 

  • Hydraulic fluid: Hydraulics need fluids that can withstand lifting and hoisting - along with the wear and tear these activities bring. Hydraulics are often exposed to a variety of outdoor elements, so finding a product that can handle any and all of those conditions is important. The CENEX® INDOL® line comes in emulsifying, non-zinc and zinc anti-wear formulations that meet a variety of equipment requirements. 
  • Power transmission fluid: Transmissions can take a beating in off-road construction equipment. Cenex offers a full line of power transmission fluids, including MAXTRON® POWER TRANSMISSION FLUID MV™, a full-synthetic, multi-viscosity power transmission fluid formulated for heavy-duty use. 

2. Watch out for getting washed out.

Construction equipment doesn't get to retreat to a garage or shed at the end of a long day. It tends to sit outside, day in and day out, until the job is completely done. It's important to use a product that can withstand both rain and sunshine - and everything in between. Grease, in particular, is susceptible to washout since it's oftentimes most exposed. HD MOLY XTREME is a severe-duty, multipurpose, all-season and extreme-pressure grease that's formulated to withstand rain and other water. 

3. Seasons matter. 

Finally, don't forget about changing seasons. Though construction may pick up in the summer, many projects go year-round until they're complete. Choosing products that are multi-viscosity or have a viscosity that matches the temperature outside is important to ensure your machinery performs at its best. As a general rule of thumb, low- or multi-grade-viscosity products should be used during cool temperatures, and higher- or multi-grade-viscosity products should be used during warmer months.

From bulldozers to backhoes, use Cenex lubricants to protect and preserve your heavy-duty equipment. Use the EQUIPMENT LOOK-UP TOOL to learn which products are best for your equipment. For all other questions, don't hesitate to contact your LOCAL CENEX DEALER.

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