The best kind of engine is one that’s working as hard as it possibly can. Thanks to devices called turbochargers, some gasoline engines can see unprecedented power and fuel efficiency.

But without the right products, a turbocharged engine will never reach peak performance. Developed specifically to meet the needs of turbocharged gasoline engines, API SN PLUS is a new motor oil specification that can keep your turbocharged engine running its best.

Because of their high-performance operational parameters, turbo charged vehicles can sometimes be more susceptible to certain issues compared to traditional engines. Turbocharged gasoline engines can be particularly vulnerable to a phenomenon called Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI). The good news is that API SN PLUS oils have been specifically developed to address this issue, and studies have shown its works. Industry research has indicated that motor oil can have a positive effect on LSPI.

So what’s LSPI? 
LSPI means that during combustion, the fuel-air mixture pre-ignites in the chamber. This in turn can cause issues like engine knock, decreased efficiency and cracked pistons. In some cases, LSPI can even lead to total engine failure. While LSPI is indeed an important consideration, thanks to API SN PLUS oils, the industry is well equipped to minimize the risk. 

How does API SN PLUS address LSPI? 
A motor oil works thanks to an ingredient called the engine detergent, which keeps soot, dirt and other debris from interfering with the lubricant. Traditional motor oils use calcium and/or magnesium for this. However, research has shown that oils with a lower calcium and higher magnesium composition lead to fewer incidents of LSPI. Oils that meet API SN PLUS standards use more magnesium for the engine detergent, making them far less susceptible to LSPI. 

Which products meet API SN PLUS standards?  
If you drive a high-performance turbocharged vehicle, protecting your investment with a motor oil that meets API SN PLUS standards is key to optimizing engine life. A number of options are currently available in 10W-30, 5W-30, 5W-20 and 0W-20 formulations. From Cenex, the entire MAXTRON® LINE and Auto Gold line is API SN PLUS-compliant. 

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