When it comes to mining, oil quality isnt the place to cut corners. From dust and dirt contamination to long operating hours and extreme temperature ranges, your mining equipment needs to perform under some of the most demanding conditions. All this continuous strain takes a toll and can lead to costly equipment breakdowns on the job. For any operation capturing high-value minerals, that can mean millions of dollars lost to unexpected downtime and repairs

That’s why high-quality lubricantspaired with a robust maintenance plan and the support of reliable, savvy expert products are vital to keeping your equipment protected and up to any task. Here are four factors to consider when choosing the right lubricant products for your operation. 

1. Find a product that can perform under extreme conditions. Mining equipment often operates in harsh conditions, including sub-zero temperatures. These temperatures can hinder oil flow, requiring more time on your operation to warm up properly. These cold starts can damage engines and hydraulic systems but can be protected by a product that’s engineered to perform in extreme conditions. High-quality SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS start flowing immediately, preventing delays and keeping equipment properly protected.

2. Look for opportunities to streamline your oil maintenance program with a multi-use product. Choosing a heavy-duty lubricant with a multi-viscosity grade can help streamline the number of oils in the shop and minimize product inventories. A multi-use product like Cenex® MAXTRON® POWER TRANSMISSION FLUID MV allows one product to service your transmission, final drive and HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS. This brings down maintenance costs, simplifies your maintenance routine and protects equipment from the first hour of your day to the last.

3. Partner with a trusted and reliable supplier. It’s crucial to choose a lubricants supplier that can meet your product and service needs. Your local Cenex brand lubricants supplier can help you identify and secure the right products equipped for mining conditions to keep your operation running smoothly

4Put your products to the test. One way to ensure your oil is working for you and not against you is by consistently performing a used engine oil analysis to check your engine for wear and contaminants. Local Cenex dealers offer LubeScan® kits, which contain everything you need for an engine oil analysis. These oil tests help you spot problematic signs before they become detrimental. 

These days, theres no shortage of options to choose from when selecting a lubricant. Pinpointing the right product for your equipment needs can make all the difference to the success of your operation. These key tips can get you started, and your LOCAL CENEX DEALER is always available to lend their expertise and help find your ideal fit.

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