The busiest time of year is right around the corner: harvest. There are a lot of preparations that need to be made before combines and tractors hit the fields. And when harvest begins, every hour spent in the field can have an impact on a farmer's bottom line.

Equipment challenges, unnecessary maintenance and preventable downtime can put a productive harvest at risk. We’ve covered important preventive equipment maintenance considerations in previous posts, like conducting a gear oil analysis and updating your hydraulic fluid, but there are other equally important considerations as harvest approaches.

Making the right investments in preventive equipment maintenance and using an enhanced premium diesel fuel can keep your combine, tractor and grain hauler running more efficiently this fall, helping you achieve a more successful harvest.

Benefits of premium diesel fuels
With extra additives that prevent residue and deposits on vital engine components, premium diesel can increase power and improve the fuel efficiency of your equipment by up to 5 percent. In addition, these special additive formulations reduce the risk for filter plugging and engine stalling – meaning your equipment works harder and longer. A few of our recommended products this harvest are below:

  • Specially formulated for your hardworking field equipment, Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® has been enhanced to provide optimal performance for high-tech engines and restore power by 4.5 percent compared to traditional #2 diesel.
  • Cenex® Roadmaster XL® has a special combination of seven additives to reduce engine-clogging and downtime for your on-road, grain-hauling trucks. Better engine performance can increase the fuel efficiency of your trucks by up to 5 percent, reducing fuel costs during harvest.

Don’t let stalling or sluggish equipment bring your harvest to a halt. Find a Cenex dealer near you for additional information on Cenex premium diesel fuels.  

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