We all know it’s important to change a car’s engine oil, but did you know that engine oil itself is changing? To ensure an oil can take the heat inside an engine, it must undergo stringent testing to prove it meets designated performance specifications. Because today’s engines are more demanding than ever, the existing specification is no longer enough to ensure modern vehicles are protected and operating at peak performance.

To stand up to today’s harsh engine conditions stemming from new fuel economy standards and regulations, a new engine oil specification is in the works. Here’s how existing engine oils are being reformulated to better protect your engine. 

Problems with the current engine oil specification
Released in 2010, the current engine oil standard is called GF-5, the fifth-generation specification for gasoline-fueled passenger vehicles. Since then, engine designs have advanced immensely to be more efficient and reduce fuel consumption, meaning they run faster and hotter than ever. Thus, they need an oil that can stand up to harsher conditions.

A next-generation solution
The new specification, GF-6, has been in the works for almost ten years and includes the largest number of new engine tests in the history of GF specifications. This new formulation will incorporate a number of performance enhancements to improve fuel efficiency, combat wear, provide better oxidation and deposit control, reduce sludge formation and control corrosion. Translation: your engine can run better, longer.

When and how to make the switch
GF-6 is planned for release in May 2020 and will consist of two categories: GF-6A and GF-6B. GF-6A will be backward-compatible with all previous specifications, but GF-6B will only be for 0W-16 viscosity grades. If you’re driving a new car, GF-6A or B certified oil will likely be required, and if you have an older vehicle, GF-6A oil can help provide additional protection to support longer engine life. As always, be sure to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine which products to use.

CENEX® GASOLINE ENGINE OILS already meet the latest specifications, and they’ll be upgraded with the release of GF-6. To make sure your vehicle is always protected with the latest oil technology, visit your LOCAL CENEX LUBRICANTS DEALER.


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