Once you purchase a piece of equipment – used or new – protecting your investment becomes key. Consistent maintenance prolongs the life of your equipment, specifically frequent oil analysis. Just a small sample of used engine oil can help determine the amount of wear and tear on your machinery.

Conducting a used oil analysis is straightforward:

    1. Purchase an oil analysis kit. Many Cenex® brand dealers and CHS cooperatives sell LubeScan® kits, which contain everything you need for analysis.
    2. Interpret your results. All LubeScan kits are sent to ALS, a third-party global testing service, for analysis.
    3. Make a used oil analysis part of your regular maintenance schedule. Results are best used when they can be compared to multiple samples from the same machine. We recommend that diesel engines be analyzed every 250 hours and gasoline engines every 3,000 miles.

Another important way to protect your equipment is by enrolling in a warranty program. Many warranty programs have set maintenance schedules that include guidance for oil analysis and other check-ups. Learn more about the Cenex Total Protection Plan® warranty program to keep your ag equipment protected.

For any questions regarding oil analysis or a warranty for your equipment, contact your local Cenex dealer.
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