There’s nothing worse than dealing with engine issues. A dirty engine can noticeably lower your equipment’s performance and can even result in breakdowns. Luckily, there are ways to proactively avoid potential issues. Here are two tips to ensure engine cleanliness and proper preparation for harvest.

1. Conduct a LubeScan® Used Oil Analysis

As oil moves through an engine, it picks up traces of any other contents or contaminents that might be inside. A LubeScan® Used Oil Analysis can be extremely helpful to uncover clues to larger issues before they become catastrophic. LubeScan Used Oil Analysis kits can be purchased from your local Cenex® distributor, and only a small sample of the used engine oil is needed.

Once the sample has been tested, an analysis report will show whether your oil sample contains any contaminants or runoff fuel — which could cause potential problems in your machine. To help you interpret your analysis results and fix possible issues before harvest, many CHS cooperatives offer consultations with certified specialists.

2. Be proactive with premium diesel engine oil

To keep your equipment in top shape for the long run, an easy solution is to use a premium diesel engine oil such as Cenex Maxtron® Enviro-EDGE® or Maxtron® DEO. These synthetic, heavy-duty diesel engine oils fight shearing and viscosity loss better than ever thanks to a new industry-leading viscosity modifier called ENDUROVIS™.

The power of EnduroVis comes from its unique star shape. As opposed to a traditional linear coil-shaped viscosity modifier, EnduroVis’ radial form keeps the product intact as it moves through the engine. Boosted with EnduroVis, Maxtron Enviro-EDGE and Maxtron DEO are up to seven times more shear-stable than a traditional linear coil-shaped viscosity modifier — protecting your engine for longer, even under severe engine stress and heavy loads.

An engine oil is the lifeblood of equipment. Not only does proper lubrication keep you in the field, it also keeps each component of your engine clean and protected. By using a premium-quality engine oil, you’re setting up yourself — and your machines — for success. 

Following these tips can help you keep your engine clean and effective all year, especially when it matters most. To learn more, contact your LOCAL CENEX DEALER.


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