From power outages to dangerous road conditions, the uncertainty of winter means taking a few added precautions. Here are the top three ways that propane keeps operations running smoothly, even during the coldest months of winter.

1. Fast, reliable start-ups — even in extreme cold 
With slow starts and gelled engines, extreme cold can stop a vehicle in its tracks. These delays can be costly as operations try to get back in action. For many areas around the country — especially in the upper Midwest — plunging temperatures are a matter of when, not if. 

Propane autogas consistently outperforms conventional fuels, even in the most extreme situations. Propane autogas vehicles do not need fuel additives, engine block heaters or any other preventive measures to ensure reliable starts on the most frigid days. That’s because propane continues to vaporize up to -44 degrees Fahrenheit (not including wind chill).

Another bonus for fleets that include school buses? Propane heats the cabin more consistently than other fuels and runs quieter, meaning passengers will have a comfortable (and safer) ride.  
2. Dependable power in adverse conditions 
Along with extreme cold, winter also brings storms and blizzards that can knock out power lines, stall fuel deliveries and curtail access to natural gas or energy sources. But propane is stored in individual or bulk cylinders, which means it’s available when other fuel may be restricted or more expensive during peak weather demands or an otherwise damaged power grid. While keeping your business powered is always important, during chilly and dangerous conditions, it’s even more vital. 

3. Exceptional shelf life 
Even if you don’t use propane consistently in the winter, its superior shelf life means it will always be ready to go when you need it. Propane does not deteriorate the longer it sits on the shelf and does not require additional stabilizers for long-term storage.  

This near-limitless shelf life means propane is a great option for a back-up generator. Propane is also clean-burning and won’t cause carburetor issues so individuals can be confident that the generator will turn over when they need it most. 

Let propane’s reliability fuel your winter and beyond — be sure to check in with YOUR LOCAL CENEX® PROPANE DISTRIBUTOR for rebate opportunities. 


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