Summer may not seem like the best time to stock up on propane, since you won’t need most of it until the cold weather hits or you start drying grain this fall. But working with your propane marketer now lets you take advantage of summer fill programs, which may help you save money by being able to purchase propane at a lower cost than waiting until later. Plus, getting a jump-start on filling up gives you a tankful of inventory, alleviating the worry of being caught with a low supply when temperatures drop.

3 tips for a successful propane strategy

There are three key things to be mindful of when considering a summer propane purchase.

  1. Have adequate on-site storage. Be sure you have enough capacity on your farm to store the amount of propane you need so you can stock up easily and have enough on hand to harvest your grain.
  2. Start harvest with a full tank. You won’t regret being set and ready to go when you need to get your grain off the field quickly. You can also avoid costly last-minute deliveries.
  3. Have a plan. Work with your propane marketer to determine how you need to replenish your supply throughout the harvest season. The more you plan, the better you can avoid surprises.

Informational resources

Propane pricing and inventory specifics are often uncertain and can be difficult to track. Farmers and other end users of propane should work with their local propane marketers to determine how to make the most strategic propane purchases. Another good information source is the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC). To find out more about filling your propane tanks this summer, talk with your local propane marketer or visit your local Cenex® dealer.

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