Trying to amp up your backyard for some at-home fun? When it comes to powering your outdoor activities at home, propane is a versatile power source. Read on for five ways that propane can enhance your outdoor space.

1. Grills

Before the fun can begin, you’ll want a full belly. No backyard is complete without a grill or an outdoor kitchen. From a more traditional propane-powered grill to a flattop griddle, you can cook all your meals from breakfast to dinner.

Looking to expand beyond a grill? Check out these OUTDOOR KITCHEN TIPS from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).


2. Heaters, firepits and lanterns

Powering your outdoor lighting and heating unlocks significant potential in your backyard. Propane-powered firepits are easier to ignite and have less cleanup than traditional wood firepits. PERC even says propane firepits have “all the style and no ashes.”

In addition to a firepit, lanterns and heaters can keep your backyard well-lit and warm. Using these items in your outdoor space helps keep the good times going after the sun goes down — even into the fall.

3. Pool and spa heaters

Splash into propane power by heating your pool or hot tub with propane! This method is a true trifecta: Propane can save you money on your energy bill, it burns cleaner, and it’ll even heat up your pool or spa faster than the alternatives.

4. Lawnmowers

Keep the yard looking spick and span with a propane-powered lawnmower. They’re especially great for large yards since they can save you money on gas and maintenance. Plus, they’re simple to set up. Think they’re a good fit for you? Check out these SEVEN REASONS to choose a propane-powered lawnmower.


5. Powering camping

No matter how much fun you have in your backyard, sometimes you’ll still need a getaway. Look into a propane-powered camper and other ways propane can help take your backyard fun across the country.

Interested in powering your summer fun with propane? Reach out to your LOCAL CENEX® PROPANE DEALER to learn more.


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