Whether you have a few mowers or dozens, these assets are crucial to any landscaping business. Equally as important though, is the fuel you put inside them. While gasoline may be a common choice among commercial mowers, it isn’t the only option.

Converting your lawncare fleet to propane can transform your operation and unlock an edge over the competition. Here are seven reasons propane may be right for your lawncare fleet.

1. Fuel savings

Propane consistently costs 30 to 50% less than gasoline. When your operation is running multiple mowers five to seven days a week, those savings add up quickly. See how much your operation could save through The Propane Education & Research Council's (PERC) COST CALCULATOR. You may even lock in a price with your LOCAL CENEX PROPANE DEALER to minimize market fluctuations. 

2. Simple setup

To get started saving on fuel expenses, you’ll need to have mowers equipped with propane-powered engines. If you’re in the market for new mowers, you have more than 150 propane models to choose from. Otherwise, you can also convert your gasoline model to a cost-saving, propane-powered mower with an EPA-certified conversion kit installed by a professional. 

3. Save with rebates

To help defray the upfront costs of choosing or converting to a propane-powered mower, many owners may qualify for a money-saving rebate from PERC. Some states even offer incentives for switching to propane. Check with your state’s propane association to learn what’s available.

4. Refueling and storage benefits

Due to the safety of propane cylinders, tanks won’t spill in transit. Another perk is that propane has an extended shelf life. It can even remain in a mower during storage without extra precautions or stabilizers for winter.

5. High octane

Another benefit of propane is its high octane rating — typically ranging from 104 to 112. Fuels with higher octane ratings create higher pressure inside an engine’s cylinders, allowing them to improve performance.

6. Greener burn

Propane is an alternative fuel that helps reduce emissions. In fact even if your city issues a smog alert, propane-powered mowers are still allowed to cut grass, giving operators an edge on the competition.

7. And…a cleaner burn

Not only does propane burn cleaner, it also burns without causing damage and buildup inside an engine. In the end, propane can save on maintenance costs while also lessening wear on engines and helping extend the life of each mower.

Take care of your operation and tap into the cost-saving and clean-burning benefits that propane can offer. Learn more how propane can meet your landscaping needs from PERC, and reach out to your LOCAL CENEX PROPANE DEALER to start reimagining your operation today.

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