Propane is a common and efficient source of energy for homes. Some families use propane to fuel their backyard fun while others use it to power their entire home. With propane stored on your property, it’s important to have the right size propane tank to fuel your lifestyle without any interruptions.

The good thing is, many factors in right-sizing propane tanks are taken care of by your propane retailer, like daily and annual usage, delivery frequency and routes, and more. But there are some things that your propane retailer doesn’t have insight into that can drastically change your propane usage.

Possible changes to propane use

When things inside or around your home change, your propane usage might fluctuate as well. To ensure you’re prepared for any changes, you should alert your local propane retailer as soon as possible if you’ve:

  • Recently purchased or are looking to purchase a propane-heated home
  • Made renovations to your propane-heated home, including additions or things that affect your energy efficiency, like new windows, insulation or roofing
  • Added or replaced any propane-powered appliances, such as a water heater, furnace, fireplace or garage heater
  • Had a change to the occupants of your home, like welcoming a new child or having a family member move in or out, or had another change that might affect the temperature of your home or your appliance usage, such as an illness

Importance of right-sizing your tank

If your tank is the wrong size, it could create inefficiencies or disruptions to your propane usage. Having the right size tank and working closely with your propane retailer means having the confidence that you’re never short on propane when you need it most.

The right size tank can have budget implications too. If your tank is too large for your needs, it could result in an expensive bill with fills requiring a lot of gallons, but a tank that’s too small might mean spending more than necessary per gallon because of smaller deliveries. Right-sizing your tank and having conversations about flexible payment plans can support your household budget while keeping your home powered.

Reach out to your propane retailer

If you’ve had structural changes to your home or the folks in it, it’s best to reach out to your local propane retailer to determine if your tank is the right size for your needs. Here are some important questions to have answered to make the most of your conversation:

  • What is the current square footage of your home? Did this change and by how much?
  • What appliances do you have that are powered by propane? Which are new? (Think: furnace, water heater, stove/oven, dryer, generator, garage heater, fireplace, backyard appliances, etc.)
  • Do you have space to house a different sized tank?
  • If there are changes to your propane bill, how would you like to manage that? (Think: flexible propane payment plans)

Whether you welcomed twins and an in-law, added five more appliances or doubled the square footage of your home, your local propane retailer is prepared to support your ever-changing propane needs with the fewest interruptions and the most efficiency. Start a conversation today.

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