Loading up the RV to enjoy nature with the family is a great way to experience the outdoors. But unless you’re really roughing it, chances are you packed some modern conveniences along with you for the trip.

From kitchen appliances to other accessories, propane is an important power source for bringing some creature comforts to the great outdoors. Many RVs run mostly or entirely on propane for several reasons: Propane is affordable, it’s readily available at gas stations and RV parks, it’s a clean-burning fuel, and safe.


RVs harness the power of propane in two ways: Most models on the market today are equipped a propane hookup, and many older models can use a propane-powered generator. No matter the method, propane supports a variety of amenities to RVs when camping.

1. Heating and central air for your RV

Propane can help keep you comfortable while you’re on the road. Propane-powered furnaces keep you and your family warm on cold nights and save you from a heat wave when you’re in a pinch.

2. Indoor and outdoor cooking appliances

If you have an RV with a propane hookup, propane grills can be connected to the RV propane power source for outdoor cooking. Other cooking options include indoor stoves and ovens for your gourmet camping meals.

3. Fridges and coolers in your RV

Is there anything worse than disorganized coolers and melting ice? RVs provide a built-in upgrade since many RVs use propane-powered refrigerators to help keep food from spoiling. 

4. Hot water heaters

Enjoy hot water to wash your hands or take showers while camping with the power of propane. Pro tip: Use a moderate water temperature to conserve propane.

Looking to step up your camping and RVing experience to one powered by propane? Reach out to your LOCAL CENEX® PROPANE DISTRIBUTOR to learn other ways your next camping adventure can be powered by propane.

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