Meet the cenexpert®

Brian Thraen

Brian Thraen

CHS payment solutions product consultant

Brian Thraen is dedicated to saving CHS and Cenex customers money. Brian knows the value of a dollar and gives back to the community by volunteering with CHS’s New Leader Forum, cleaning up roadsides, making packages for those in need and helping out in any other way needed. On the weekends, Brian likes to spend time with his family and friends at their cabin up north. Besides spending time on the water there, he likes to share his passion for the unique pastime of golf cart off-roading with the next generation of kids.


Brian is a payment solutions expert who is skilled at helping customers save money. He looks forward to sharing his fiscal knowledge through money-saving tips and financial best practices.


Brian is an avid road tripper and once drove through a record-breaking snowstorm to make it to Virginia Beach with three friends who each took turns driving so they wouldn’t have to stop.