Meet the cenexpert®

Bryan Lewis

Bryan Lewis

CHS manager of propane risk management

Passionate about propane and its future, Bryan strives to help Cenex® customers learn how to safely use propane. He is also passionate about spending time with his family —cooking outdoors (with propane of course), hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and simply enjoying the outdoors. When his schedule allows, Bryan likes to give his time to help farmers during planting and harvest, including traveling to the Red River Valley to help with the sugar beet harvest. Bryan also is a steward for his local community, contributing to church and school activities and helping local fire departments train for emergency propane response.


Bryan is your go-to guy for propane-related topics, including grilling tips. He is strongly committed to educating users about propane safety and serves on the Propane Education & Research Council’s Safety and Training Advisory committee.


Bryan is from Perham, Minn., which is famous for its International Turtle Races.