Automated Fuel Delivery, The Ultimate Convenience

Are you tired of constantly checking your bulk tank gauge and worrying about running out of fuel? Relax. With the Cenex® Automated Fuel Delivery system (AFD), you never have to monitor tank levels or order fuel again. You’ll have a dependable supply of top-quality Cenex fuel on hand at all times.

Monitor your supply

Once enrolled in the program, you can check your tank levels and monitor fuel use and deliveries online at a secure website.

How it works

A fuel sensor and electronic tank monitoring system are installed in your fuel tank. When the fuel drops to a predetermined level, a refill signal goes to your fuel distribution center. A truck is automatically sent to fill your tank.

Many options at your doorstep

A whole variety of fuels can be delivered to commercial businesses, farms and ranches and private homes, including Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster®, Cenex Roadmaster XL®, Cenex® Biodiesel Fuels, Cenex® Gasolines (unleaded), #1 and #2 Seasonal Diesel Fuels and home heating fuels.

Learn more

To find out more about this innovative program and its availability in your area, please talk to your local Cenex dealer or send us an email message.

Hear what customers say

Is it time to say goodbye to the old way of ordering and paying for fuel? Watch this video to hear what customers say about the bottom-line benefits of Cenex® Automated Fuel Delivery for their farms and fleets. Discover the ideal energy solution today.

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