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Bioenergy products are high performing and good for the environment. CHS is a strong proponent and leading supplier of bioenergy fuels marketed under the Cenex® brand.

Because CHS is a globally integrated energy-, grains- and food-based company, it can readily supply the resources needed to create renewable fuels. Producer-members grow the soybeans and corn used in ethanol and biodiesel fuels, and CHS grain divisions procure and process the grains into the oils blended into its fuel products.


Ethanol is one of the most popular alternative fuels in the country today. Made from renewable, domestic resources such as corn, wheat or barley, ethanol is traditionally blended with petroleum fuel in a mixture of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline called E-10. Almost every auto manufacturer in the world approves E-10 through their warranty programs. Higher concentrates, such as E-85 (85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline), are only compatible with flexible-fuel vehicles.


Biodiesel has been one of the fastest growing alternative fuels in the country. And it's no wonder. Often made from the soybeans produced here in the United States, biodiesel provides superior engine protection from a renewable, domestic source.

We've proudly introduced advances in biodiesel, such as Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster B2® Premium Biodiesel Fuel — an innovative biodiesel that delivers premium performance. Cenex Premium Biodiesels offer the same time- and field- tested benefits as our premium diesels, in a biodiesel blend.

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Both ethanol blends and biodiesels are available through select Cenex distributors and locations.

Cenex Total Protection Plan®
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When used with qualifying Cenex lubricants, Ruby Fieldmaster products up to B15 are covered by the only 10-year, 10,000-hour warranty in the industry – and it comes with zero loopholes.

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