Cenex Winterized Premium Diesel Fuels

For seriously cold weather, get seriously tough fuel.

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Serious weather protection

Cenex Winterized Premium Diesel Fuels deliver the serious weather protection your diesel engines need all while optimizing power and engine performance. The advanced performance additive package allows for extreme-low-temperature operability that prevents injector fouling and filter plugging to minimize costly downtime.

Cenex Winterized Premium Diesel Fuels are an investment that pays for itself with cold-weather protection, fuel-efficient starts, a smoother running engine and proven power.  No other premium diesel fuel contains a more complete, balanced additive package that helps avoid the hassle of using after-market products to top-treat fuel. Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels are “smart-injected” at the terminal to ensure stringent quality specifications are met.

Unlike typical winterized diesel fuels, Cenex Winterized Premium Diesel Fuels

  • Have

    cold-weather operability

    of -30° F*

  • improve fuel economy

    by as much as 5 percent

  • boost power

    up to 5 percent**


    of injectors and injector pumps


    with a higher cetane number (typically 45)


Specially formulated to meet your seasonal needs

Multiple formulations to meet your seasonal needs

Cenex® Wintermaster®

With an operability of -30° F and a cold filter plugging point (CFPP) of –37° F,* you can count on Cenex Wintermaster for the most extreme winter conditions. 

Cenex Roadmaster XL® Seasonally Enhanced and Ruby Fieldmaster® Seasonally Enhanced

Formulated for moderate climates and provide outstanding shoulder season flexibility. Cenex Seasonally Enhanced products deliver a CFPP of –25°F. 

#1 Diesel Fuel with Cenex® Premium Diesel Fuel Additive

Use it to blend down your Cenex Premium Diesel Fuel tanks during transition to ensure additives remain at proper levels.

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Cenex Total Protection Plan®
10 year warranty badge

When used with qualifying Cenex® lubricants, Cenex Wintermaster and Ruby Fieldmaster Seasonally Enhanced are protected by the only 10-year, 10,000-hour warranty in the industry – and it comes with zero loopholes.

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