Cenex® Brand.
Powered Locally.

At Cenex®, we take pride in the communities where we do business and celebrate what makes our hometowns and locations unique. With nearly 1,500 locations in 19 states, Cenex locations serve as familiar landmarks and meeting places in the communities we call home.

Locally Owned and Operated

We proudly support our dealers, retailers and distributors and the communities in which they serve. Each location brings its own flavor of c-store products and quality fuel like Cenex® Roadmaster XL® Premium Diesel and Cenex® TOP TIER™ gasoline. Whether it’s a quick morning pitstop or your afternoon coffee hangout, Cenex powers communities across America.

Cenex® Gives Back

The Cenex® Powered Locally™ campaign is all about your neighbors and your community. Whether it is celebrating the local sports team, attending the annual festival or helping preserve that 80-year old monument in the middle of town, we want to support each of our Cenex hometowns in the areas that make them unique.

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Giving Back to our Communities

We are proud to support our communities