Cenex® LIFT Initiative

Introducing LIFT, a lighting, image and facilities transformation designed to revamp Cenex® c-stores through a series of exterior and in-store updates. LIFT provides Cenex retailers with the freedom and flexibility to renovate their stores how they see fit, all with the resources and support of CHS, a Fortune 100 company.


Halo, the forecourt image component of LIFT, elevates the appearance of c-store locations which will help drive consumer preference.

Canopy elements

  • Fascia with red accent lighting
  • Backlit blue arch sign
  • Backlit Cenex logo signs
  • Canopy column painting

Forecourt & Main ID Sign

  • Dispenser graphics
  • Curb and bollard painting
  • Cenex main ID sign faces
  • Price sign digits
  • Product inserts
  • Main ID sign painting
In-Store Loans

0% loan financing for qualifying in-store improvements* aimed at enhancing customer experience and safety.

  • Preferred supplier programs and discounts
  • Eligible remodel categories
    • Single or multi-use bathroom
    • Checkout counter
    • LED lighting (ceilings & forecourt)
    • Reach-in or Walk-in coolers
    • Countertops & cabinets
    • Remodel entryway & building fascia
    • Interior panting
    • Category signage
  • Additional In-scope opportunities
    • Depreciable in-store items
    • Necessary materials & components related to remodel categories
    • Examples include:
      • C-store capacity coffee machine
      • Additional internal shelving and signage
      • Refreshed main floor

In-store loans include a rate of interest equal to five percent (5%) per annum. For qualified applicants, CHS Inc. - Refined Fuels shall make payments of interest on loan directly to Lender on Borrower’s behalf.

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