Maxtron® THF+


Maxtron THF+

A full-synthetic tractor hydraulic fluid designed to provide superior protection in all weather conditions for equipment that uses a central system for lubricating the hydraulic systems, breaks and transmissions.

Ideal for these conditions

Ideal for hot weather

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Best for this equipment

Full-synthetic lubricant for agriculture equipment

Full-synthetic diesel engine oil for forestry equipment

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Keep your equipment operating at its best with:

  • Increased hydraulic power due to viscosity retention at high temperatures
  • Exceptional frictional properties that reduce noise and damage caused by wet brake chatter
  • Superior protection of gears, pumps and other critical components against wear caused by heavy loads
  • Longer oil life with outstanding oxidation control that reduces oil degradation in high operating temperatures.

The Full Synthetic Advantage

Maxtron® THF+ provides your equipment with exceptional transmission and hydraulic operation in extreme temperatures, while keeping internal parts clean and extending seal life. Formulated with premium synthetic base oils and an advanced additive package that provides outstanding anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties, Maxtron THF+ gives you the pumping efficiency and precision your equipment needs to keep your operation running during peak times.

Protect Your Investment

The Cenex Total Protection Plan® is a comprehensive warranty that helps keep you on the field when you need to be there. With unsurpassed coverage, farmers have relied on the Cenex Total Protection Plan for over 50 years. By using premium products like Maxtron THF+, you may already be eligible for coverage on your new or used equipment

This progra is great for peace-of-mind. I enrolled my used tractor, submitted the oil samples as required, made one call, and the claim was covered. - Brian Jaeger, MN

Ideal for

  • All brands of tractors that have a common sump for transmission, hydraulics, differential and wet-brake system fluids
  • Leased or shared equipment for which fluid intermixing is expected
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Cenex Total Protection Plan®
10 year warranty badge

When used with Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster®, Maxtron THF + is covered by the only 10-year, 10,000-hour warranty in the industry — and it comes with zero loopholes.