Maxtron® DEO


Maxtron Deo

A synthetic blend premium diesel engine oil that provides enhanced protection for equipment in dusty and dirty conditions.

Ideal for these conditions

Ideal for hot weather

Ideal for cold weather

Ideal for Dirt

Best for this equipment

Full-synthetic lubricant for agriculture equipment

Full-synthetic lubricant for off-road equipment

Full-synthetic diesel engine oil for irrigation systems

Full-synthetic diesel engine oil for forestry equipment


Increase Your Uptime with Extended Engine Protection

Maxtron® DEO incorporates high-quality synthetic base stock and an advanced additive package to give you the protection and confidence you need during peak operating times. Designed to protect both modern diesel engines and older, Maxtron® DEO is built to handle intense heat and extreme cold weather operating conditions. Formulated specifically to keep engines cleaner by decreasing the size of soot particles to prevent oil thickening.

Extend the life of your off-road equipment with:
  • Exceptional oil pumpability for reduced wear during cold start ups
  • Increased oil durability to extend the life of your engine
  • Less soot and deposit buildup
  • Longer drain intervals
  • Decreased oil volatility for reduced consumption and less oil in the emission system
Poor Performer compared to Maxtron Deo with EnduroVis TM
Exceptional Engine Cleanliness

Maxtron® DEO keeps your pistons clean and decreases deposit buildup by dispersing both conventional and EGR soot into finer particles, resulting in fewer abrasive particles in the engine.

Protect Your Engine from Extreme Conditions

As oil moves through your engine, the stress and pressure can affect the oil’s viscosity over time, leaving critical engine parts exposed to metal-on-metal contact. Maxtron® DEO retains 80% of its original viscosity throughout the entire drain interval with EnduroVis™, an advanced radial polymer technology that ensures your components are protected from the first hour through the last.

Peace of Mind During the Busy Season

The Cenex Total Protection Plan® is the most comprehensive warranty in the agricultural market. With unsurpassed equipment coverage, you can prevent downtime and avoid costly repairs. Plus, by using premium products like Maxtron® DEO, you may already be eligible for coverage on your new or used equipment.

This progra is great for peace-of-mind. I enrolled my used tractor, submitted the oil samples as required, made one call, and the claim was covered. - Brian Jaeger, MN

Ideal for

  • Truck fleets with new, low-emission-compliant engines or older engines
  • Construction diesel engines operating under heavy loads
  • Agricultural diesel engines operating under severe conditions
  • Diesel passenger cars and light trucks
  • Stationary engines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Standby generators
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Cenex Total Protection Plan®
10 year warranty badge

When used with Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster®, Maxtron® DEO is covered by the only 10-year, 10,000-hour warranty in the industry — and it comes with zero loopholes.