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Oil that runs smart.

Cenex Maxtron Diesel Engine oils
  • Up to 7x more shear stable than competitors
  • Improved performance in extreme temperatures
  • Decreases downtime by reducing maintenance without sacrificing oil quality
  • Restores fuel economy up to 3% in extreme conditions and 2% in normal conditions
  1. Fixed it
  2. EnduroVis™ Polymer Technology
  3. Cenex® Maxtron Diesel Engine Oils for the Toughest Conditions

The Smartest Oils for the Toughest Conditions


Helps maintain the oils original viscosity to provide longer engine protection

  • Due to its unique star shape and ultra-low shear stability index, EnduroVis delivers unsurpassed oil durability and protection against wear
  • 7x more shear stable compared to a competitor oil with linear-coil chain polymer
  • Enables the oil to retain 80% of its original viscosity throughout a drain interval
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Balanced Additive Package Image
Balanced Additive Package

A carefully selected additive package designed to keep engines clean and you moving.

  • Provides excellent deposit and contamination control to reduce unnecessary wear
  • A high total base number for reserve quality retention
  • Restores engine efficiency to deliver up to 3% improved fuel economy in extreme conditions and 2% in normal conditions
Extreme Temperature Performance

Full synthetic base oils provide better oil flow in extreme temperatures.

Maxtron DEO protecting in extreme cold weather 

Faster oil flow in extreme cold temperatures for quicker startups

Extreme Temperature Image 

Minimizes oil thinning under increased temperatures to keep critical components cool

Need more Proof? We know tough.

For more than 80 years, we’ve developed premium quality lubricants for the toughest conditions. We know you work in dirty, dusty and challenging environments, so if you like less downtime and longer drain intervals, grab the oil that stands for engine protection and fuel efficiency to give you peace of mind for the long haul.


Make the switch to the oil that runs smart.