Superlube TMS®

Less downtime and longer engine life for new and older diesel engines.

Diesel Engine Oil

protects DPF emission systems by minimizing ash buildup.


You’re successful because you’ve saved over the long haul. Using a high-mileage lubricant such as Superlube TMS® is just one more way to save.

Length of oil drain depends on OEM, engine model, engine duty cycle, fuel economy, gross vehicle weight, and can vary significantly. Oil sampling and used oil analysis is highly recommended. Actual savings are dependent upon vehicle/engine type, outside temperature, driving conditions and your current engine oil viscosity.

National average cost with a conventional oil:


Average cost with Superlube TMS®:


Your savings by switching to Superlube TMS®:


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Expect excellent performance in

  • Naturally aspirated and turbocharged 4-stroke engines
  • 2007 and newer diesel engines (Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Volvo and Mack) with exhaust control systems
  • Older diesel engines operating on low-sulfur or ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel

Ideal for

  • Agricultural diesel engines operating in severe conditions
  • Truck fleets with low-emission-compliant engines or older engines
  • Construction diesel engines operating under heavy-load conditions
  • Diesel passenger cars and light trucks
  • Diesel stationary engines
  • Irrigation and standby generators

Viscosity retention and shear resistance

Most heavy-duty diesel oils use long-chain-polymer technology to thicken oil and ensure that it maintains its viscosity. However, after the oil has been in use, these long-chain polymers are sheared into smaller molecules, reducing the oil’s viscosity and wear-protection capabilities, allowing greater metal-to-metal contact of critical engine parts.

Superlube TMS features advanced radial-polymer technology that maintains viscosity much longer as a result of the strikingly different shape of the advanced radial polymers. Rather than breaking apart, these advanced polymers are designed to retain their shape, minimizing viscosity breakdown.

The superior design of the radial polymers in Superlube TMS make it highly resistant to shearing to improve viscosity control and engine protection.

Superior soot control

(a) Soot in diesel engine crankcase lubricants form massive structures in the oil, which causes thickening, abrasive wear, excessive oil consumption and shorter engine life.
(b) Cenex® lubricants with Wear Saver Technology® break soot into finer particles, resulting in less oil thickening.
(c) Superlube TMS surrounds each soot particle with a protective layer that reduces clumping and abrasive wear.

Outstanding engine cleanliness

Superlube TMS provides excellent protection against piston deposits to help control oil consumption and protect sensitive exhaust treatment systems.

Superlube TMS keeps pistons clean longer by preventing carbon and varnish deposits.

Exceptional protection against corrosion

Preventing corrosion caused by acid formation is one of the most important parameters of extended drain protection. Superlube TMS offers a high, long-lasting TBN to save your engine’s precious metals.

(a) Acids cause corrosive wear.
(b) Superlube TMS neutralizes acids for optimum bearing protection.

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Cenex Total Protection Plan®
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When used with Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster®, Superlube TMS is covered by the only 10-year, 10,000-hour warranty in the industry — and it comes with zero loopholes.