Industrial Hydraulic Fluids

Precision hydraulic equipment requires premium quality oils to protect heavy-duty hydraulic systems in mobile and stationary applications. Cenex® industrial hydraulic fluids are engineered to extend the life of hydraulic systems operating under intense mechanical pressures and contamination.


Cenex Indol

Indol® Hydraulic Oil Enhanced Performance Series

Indol hydraulic oils exceed the performance requirements of major pump manufacturers. Minimizing component wear under high-speed and high-pressure conditions, the Indol line includes formulations for equipment calling for non-zinc, ultra-clean, emulsifying and multi-viscosity grades.

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Cenex Hydrostatic Fluid

Hydrostatic Fluid MV Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

A high-quality hydraulic fluid formulated with anti-wear additives and premium base oils to protect pumps from wear, rust and corrosion, while providing exceptional all-weather performance.


Cenex Econex
Econex is a non-detergent anti-wear hydraulic oil formulated with a unique low-zinc anti-wear additive package. Specifically for applications calling for a nondetergent anti-wear hydraulic oil.

Maxtron® R&O

Cenex Maxtron R and O
Maxtron R&O is a full-synthetic, rust and oxidation inhibited, circulating, bearing and non-EP-gear oil. Formulated to provide extended protection in high-speed and wide-temperature applications.

Food Grade Hydraulic Oil

Cenex Food Grade Hydraulic Oil 
A premium anti-wear hydraulic oil certified for USDA H-1 and approved under the US FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 (b) regulation for incidental contact with food products. Cenex premium Food Grade Hydraulic Oil is also Kosher certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.

Turbine Oil XL

Cenex Turbine Oil XL 
A high-quality zinc-free rust and oxidation inhibited turbine oil engineered to minimize sludge build-up and reduce wear. Available in a variety of ISO grades.


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