Maxtron® Enviro-Edge®

Our most advanced synthetic diesel engine oil.

Maxtron® Enviro-Edge® 5W-40 Full-Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil with Wear Saver Technology® is engineered for fuel economy, wide temperature range performance, and to protect all 2007 and newer low-emission engines. This unique formulation was also designed to provide additional protection for older engines.


You’re successful because you’ve saved over the long haul. Using a high-mileage lubricant such as Maxtron®
Enviro-Edge® is just one more way to save.

Length of oil drain depends on OEM, engine model, engine duty cycle, fuel economy, gross vehicle weight, and can vary significantly. Oil sampling and used oil analysis is highly recommended. Actual savings are dependent upon vehicle/engine type, outside temperature, driving conditions and your current engine oil viscosity.

National average cost with a conventional oil:


Average cost with Maxtron®


Your savings by switching to Maxtron®


  • Up to


  • Emission and Catalyst Protection

    for longer oil and engine life

  • Oil Pumpability

    for reduced wear during cold startups

  • Oil Durability

    for extended oil and engine life

  • Exceptional Soot And Deposit Control

    to reduce engine wear

  • High TBN

    for "reserve quality" retention

  • Reduced Deposits And Oil Consumption

    for longer engine, emission and DPF system life

  • TBN Retention

    means more combustion contaminants are neutralized

  • Less Oil Volatility

    for reduced consumption, lower deposits and less oil in the emission system

  • Extended Drain Service

    for 2007-and-older model engines

Recommended for

  • Four-stroke, naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines
  • All 2007 and newer low-emission engines with exhaust after-treatment devices
  • Pre-2007 engines (older API and OEM oil-performance categories)
  • Vehicles using ultra-low or low-sulfur diesel fuel
  • Vehicles using manufacturer-recommended 5W-40 diesel engine oils

Ideal for heavy-duty diesel engines in

  • Fleets 
  • Contractor vehicles
  • Agricultural equipment
  • On- and off-highway engines operating in extreme temperatures
  • Light trucks

Reduces carbon footprint and operating costs

Maxtron Enviro-Edge pumps and flows faster so moving parts move more freely, create less friction and use less energy than conventional lubricants.

Improves fuel economy

Fuel efficiency improves from 1 percent to 3 percent compared to a conventional SAE 15W-40. Controlling oil consumption is a challenge for some lighter viscosity grades of oil, especially in heavy-duty diesel applications, but not for Maxtron Enviro-Edge.

Excellent oil consumption performance

Synthetic base oils provide better burn-off properties than conventional base oils. Oil consumption is equal to or better than conventional SAE 15W-40, as demonstrated in three industry tests.

Superior soot handling and viscosity control

Both conventional and EGR soot is dispersed into finer particles, which are far less abrasive on engine parts than large soot clumps.

The Mack T-11 engine test measures a lubricant’s ability to handle soot. After hours of heavy soot loading, Maxtron Enviro-Edge maintains oil viscosity at less than half the industry limit.

Maxtron Enviro-Edge offers reduced soot buildup and excellent lubrication.

Exceptional wear protection

Excellent oil consumption performance

In the Mack T-12 test, Maxtron Enviro-Edge exceeded the API CJ04 requirements by 44 percent.

Make the switch to the oil that runs smart.

The Peace of Mind You Need
10 year warranty badge

The Cenex Total Protection Plan® is the most comprehensive warranty in the agricultural market. With unsurpassed equipment coverage, you can prevent downtime and avoid costly repairs. Plus, by using premium products like Maxtron Enviro-EDGE, you may already be eligible for coverage on your new or used equipment.