Special Use

Cenex® offers a full line of lubricants and products to meet a wide variety of industrial and cleaning applications Whether you need a food-grade lubricant, a renewable-based product, power steering fluid, cleaning solvent or concrete form oil, you can count on Cenex to deliver top-quality petroleum products to fit all your needs. Use our EQUIPMENT LOOKUP feature to learn which lubricants are recommended for your equipment.


Food Machinery Grease

contains food-grade ingredients and protects food-processing equipment from rust, oxidation and corrosion.

Food Grade Hydraulic Oil

is ashless and contains white mineral oils and specialized additives formulated to enhance operating performance.


Biomax THF

provides lubricity and anti-wear performance for transmission differentials, wet brakes, power steering and hydraulics.

Chain Bar Oil

provides extra tackiness for better retention of oil on the chain, bar and drive sprockets.

Drip Oil

Premium Irrigation Well Lubricant minimizes temperature-related viscosity changes and maintains an excellent low-temperature fluidity to help keep bearings lubricated.

Heat Transfer Oil

is formulated to provide long service in the closed, low-pressure heat-transfer systems for equipment that runs at temperatures up to 550° F.

Vacuum Pump Oil

minimizes temperature-related viscosity changes in rotary and piston-type vacuum pumps commonly used in milking machines.

Turbine Oil XL

is designed to control oxidation, sludge and corrosion to maximize industrial equipment life.

Cotton Picker Spindle Grease

helps protect against corrosive wetting agents, defoliants and plant juices.

Corn Head Grease

Multipurpose Semi-Fluid Grease maintains excellent stability under various temperatures to protect agricultural and industrial equipment.

Stoddard Solvent

is a mineral-spirits solvent used for flushing and cleaning metal parts.


provides tackiness to reduce dripping, increase adherence to metal, reduce stick-slip action and decrease wear between the carriage and ways.

White Packer Oil

is formulated for indirect or incidental contact with food or grain.

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