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How to Keep High-Mileage Fleet Vehicles on the Road in About

Even when everything is running smoothly, maintaining a fleet of high life-cycle heavy duty trucks is no easy or inexpensive task.

Maxtron® Enviro-Edge® | Full-Synthetic Diesel Oil with Wear Saver Technology® in Lubricants

Maxtron Enviro-Edge 5w 40 Synthetic Oil is engineered for fuel economy and wide temperature range performance.

Superlube TMS® | Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil in Lubricants

Superlube TMS provides longer engine life with super lube synthetic grease, and less downtime for new and older diesel engines.

Cenex® Winterized Premium Diesel Fuels | Top Cold-Weather Performance in Fuels

Use Cenex® Wintermaster, Cenex Roadmaster XL® Seasonally Enhanced or Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® Seasonally Enhanced winter diesel fuels to protect your engine.

william-michael-morgan in About

This year, Cenex® is proud to partner with rising country music star William Michael Morgan as he tours across the country.

This New Year, Clean Up Your Fuel Efficiency in About

Now is a great time to take a magnifying glass to your fleet and consider your overall fuel efficiency.

How Data Can Improve Your Fleet Efficiency in About

There is information right at your fingertips that can greatly improve the efficiency of your fleet.

Reduce Stress With Automated Fuel in About

Thanks to advancements in technology, remembering to refill your bulk fuel tank doesn’t need to be stressful.

Cenex Roadmaster XL® | Premium Highway Diesel Fuel for Top Performance in Fuels

The premium highway diesel fuel Cenex Roadmaster XL has been reformulated to help keep fuel injection systems clean for a better-running diesel engine with the best diesel fuel.

Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® | Better-Running Premium Diesel Fuel in Fuels

The premium diesel fuel Ruby Fieldmaster, a red diesel fuel, provides optimal performance for high-tech engines to minimize costly downtime.