You’re successful because you’ve saved over the long haul. Using a high-mileage lubricant such as Product is just one more way to save.

Length of oil drain depends on OEM, engine model, engine duty cycle, fuel economy, gross vehicle weight, and can vary significantly. Oil sampling and used oil analysis is highly recommended. Actual savings are dependent upon vehicle/engine type, outside temperature, driving conditions and your current engine oil viscosity.

National average cost with a conventional oil:


Average cost with Product:


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Fuel injector deposits

Internal diesel injector components within HPCR engines are much smaller, lighter and more intricate than direct-injection diesel engines manufactured prior to 2007. With injection that occurs multiple times per combustion cycle at engine pressures up to 35,000 PSI, even the smallest deposit can cause issues within the tight tolerances of the injector (typically 1–3 microns). When using typical #2 diesel fuel, conventional deposits occur in the injector nozzle tip and internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) form deep inside the injector components.

Injector nozzles spray microscopic fuel droplets and become clogged by the smallest deposits. Even a stain or varnish clog can lead to decreased power and fuel efficiency. Minimizing all deposits is critical with high-pressure injection engine technologies. IDID can form suddenly deep inside the injectors and significantly reduce power and fuel economy, and in some cases, cause injector failure.

Fuel filter plugging

In addition to forming deposits in the fuel injection system, another known issue that affects high-pressure injection (HPI) systems is premature fuel filter plugging. Fuel filters capture unwanted contaminants from the fuel that left unchecked, can cause serious damage. As the flow of the fuel through the fuel filter becomes restricted or plugged, a loss of power will result.

Meeting the challenge

Cenex Roadmaster XL addresses the needs of new diesel engine technology with its proprietary additive package, including an injection stabilizer that meets the Tier IV Final EPA emission standards in 2014. Testing confirms that the upgraded injection stabilizer successfully removes and prevents IDID, including carbonaceous, soap/metal carboxylates, and lacquer-type deposits.

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When used with qualifying Cenex lubricants, Ruby Fieldmaster products up to B15 are covered by the only 10-year, 10,000-hour warranty in the industry – and it comes with zero loopholes.

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Both ethanol blends and biodiesels are available through select Cenex distributors and locations.