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Are all premium fuels alike?

No. Both base fuels and additives used to achieve “premium” status can vary widely by supplier. Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® offers a quality base fuel and a complete, balanced, soy-enhanced additive package. It is continually researched and tested to ensure that it is the highest quality premium diesel fuel on the market; that’s why we can confidently offer our unequaled Cenex Total Protection Plan® warranty. A premium highway fuel such as Cenex Roadmaster XL® from CHS has the ability to deliver valuable benefits, including more power for climbing long hills, improved fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Diesel fuel is diesel fuel, right?

No. Diesel fuels vary widely by supplier. Using a true premium diesel fuel can increase both the performance and longevity of your equipment. You’ll notice the difference with quicker starts, more power, better fuel economy and less smoke. Most important, you’ll reduce downtime and maintenance costs – benefits that go right to the bottom line. Cenex® Premium Diesel Fuels are true premium fuels – they’re powerful, efficient performers, formulated expressly for today’s diesel-powered equipment. They contain a high-quality base fuel that works with an exclusive, proven additive package. They’ve been tested time and again, in the lab and field, to ensure they’re the best fuels on the market.

How long can I store diesel fuel?

Tank location and storage temperatures affect a fuel’s storage life. As diesel fuel is stored, it slowly reacts with oxygen in the air to form gums and varnishes. As temperatures increase, the reaction also increases. The addition of contaminates such as water or rust accelerates this process. Generally, fuel should not be stored longer than six months. If long-term storage is required, the tank should be located underground or inside to reduce temperature extremes, and it must have proper ventilation caps. If storage exceeds one year, testing is recommended. The storage stabilizer additives in Cenex Roadmaster XL® and Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® reduce the formation of gum and varnish and can extend the fuel’s storage life.

Cenex Total Protection Plan®
10 year warranty badge

When used with qualifying Cenex® lubricants, Ruby Fieldmaster is covered by the only 10-year, 10,000-hour warranty in the industry — and it comes with zero loopholes.