As a farmer, you face a multitude of hard-to-control challenges. One thing you can control is what you put in your equipment. Cenex® lubricants stand the test of time with more than 75 years of proven off-road performance. They keep your engines and hydraulics running smoothly and provide superior protection for overworked load-bearing equipment. Use our Equipment Lookup feature to learn which lubricants are recommended for your equipment.



Full-Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil is engineered for fuel economy and helps keep costs down by controlling soot, reducing wear and performing well in all temperatures.

Maxtron® DEO

Synthetic Blend Diesel Engine Oil helps protect low-emission engines and exhaust systems by reducing deposits, soot and oil consumption.

Superlube TMS®

Diesel Engine Oil protects DPF emission systems by minimizing ash buildup.

Superlube 518®

Diesel Engine Oil reduces sludge, varnish, engine wear, acid accumulation, TBN loss and oil consumption.


Stationary Irrigation Engine Oils are low-ash engine oils with higher zinc levels that provides added wear protection for the valve train of natural gas and LP engines.

Drip Oil

Premium Irrigation Well Lubricant minimizes temperature-related viscosity changes and maintains an excellent low-temperature fluidity to help keep bearings lubricated.

Hydraulic Fluids

Maxtron® THF+

Full Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic Fluid maximizes pump efficiency, reduces wet-brake chatter, prolongs the life of oil seals and hydraulic hoses, and keeps system parts clean.

Qwiklift® HTB®

Universal Tractor Hydraulic, Transmission and Wet Brake Fluid provides the unique protection required by critical bronze alloy parts of gears, clutches and hydraulic pumps of tractor engines.

Indol® and Indol® Ultra Clean*

Premium Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils help minimize wear in high-speed, high-pressure vane and gear pumps.

Indol® EH ISO 46

Premium Emulsifying Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil is ideal for types of equipment that emulsify small amounts of water in their hydraulic systems.

Indol® NZ ISO 46MV

Premium Non-Zinc, Anti-Wear, Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil meets the performance requirements of pumps and other equipment that require premium non-zinc hydraulic oil.

Gear Lubricants

Maxtron® GL

Full Synthetic EP Gear Lubricant is a multipurpose, extreme-pressure gear lubricant specially formulated for all-season performance.

MP Gear Lube

provides excellent extreme-pressure properties; wear resistance; oxidation stability; and protection from rust, corrosion and foaming.


Maxtron® FS

Premium Full Synthetic Multi-purpose Lithium Complex Grease provides an excellent structural stability with excellent resistance to water wash and superior protection against rust and corrosion.

Red Protect XT®

Extra Tacky Lithium Complex Grease is formulated for maximum protection and trouble-free operation in a wide range of industrial applications and extreme temperatures.

Maxtron® EP

Synthetic Blend Lithium Complex Grease with Moly reduces friction between metal parts to provide the highest performance in severe-load and shock-loading applications.

Blue Gard® 500+™

Premium Lithium Complex Multipurpose High-Temperature Grease is flexible enough to fit most applications, yet tough enough to take on challenging conditions and prevent rust, oxidation and wear.

ML 365® Grease

Multipurpose Lithium All-Season Grease can be used all year long in most applications for excellent wear protection.

Molyplex 500+

Premium Lithium Complex Multipurpose High-Temperature Grease with Moly is an effective dry-film lubricating substance that protects against extreme pressure and shock loading.

Aluben EP Moly Grease

Multipurpose Aluminum Complex Grease provides outstanding performance over a broad range of operating conditions, especially wet environments.

Poly-Xtreme® Grease

High-Temperature Polyurea Grease can migrate to the spots where lubrication is needed most to resist moisture and prevent rust and corrosion.

Corn Head Grease

Multipurpose Semi-Fluid Grease maintains excellent stability under various temperatures to protect agricultural and industrial equipment.

Food Machinery Grease

contains food-grade ingredients and protects food-processing equipment from rust, oxidation and corrosion.

Cotton Picker Spindle Grease

helps protect against corrosive wetting agents, defoliants and plant juices.

Fluid Gear Grease

High performing #00 grade lithium grease designed for special agricultural and industrial equipment applications.

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