Cars & Light Trucks

Dealing with demanding driving conditions is nothing new for lubricants with a 75-year legacy of performance. Industry certified with millions of highway miles behind them, Cenex® lubricants continually delivers. Our over-the-road tests prove that Cenex lubricants provide superior engine protection, cleaner emissions, extended oil drains and better overall performance.

Drivers across the nation trust only Cenex products to keep their cars and light trucks safe, maintenance-free and most importantly, on the road. Use our EQUIPMENT LOOKUP feature to learn which lubricants are recommended for your vehicle.



Full-Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil is engineered for fuel economy and helps keep costs down by controlling soot, reducing wear and performing well in all temperatures.

Maxtron® PCMO

Full-Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil provides optimum performance and protection for all passenger cars, trucks and other gasoline-powered equipment.

Auto Gold®

Synthetic Blend Gasoline Engine Oil provides exceptional anti-wear protection for superior engine life, performance and fuel economy.

Auto Gold® HMO

High-Mileage Gasoline Engine Oil improves fuel economy and reduces oil consumption and exhaust smoke in older cars (>75,000 miles).

Transmission Fluids

Maxtron® MV ATF Low Vis

Maxtron Multi-Vehicle ATF Low Viscosity is a full-synthetic automatic transmission fluid that contains an advanced additive system and is specially formulated with synthetic base oils to provide service fill performance in a wide variety of automatic transmissions.

Auto Gold® MV ATF

Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Blend Automatic Transmission Fluid helps protect cars and keep them running at peak performance, so there is less maintenance and greater transmission durability.

Auto Gold® ATF DM

Auto Gold® ATF DM meets the special frictional characteristics, transmission cleanliness and low temperature pumpability required for pre-2006 GM and Ford vehicles.


Red Protect XT®

Extra Tacky Lithium Complex Grease is formulated for maximum protection and trouble-free operation in a wide range of industrial applications and extreme temperatures.

Blue Gard® 500+™

Premium Lithium Complex Multipurpose High-Temperature Grease is flexible enough to fit most applications, yet tough enough to take on challenging conditions and prevent rust, oxidation and wear.

ML 365® Grease

Multipurpose Lithium All-Season Grease can be used all year long in most applications for excellent wear protection.

Molyplex 500+

Premium Lithium Complex Multipurpose High-Temperature Grease with Moly is an effective dry-film lubricating substance that protects against extreme pressure and shock loading.

Aluben EP Moly Grease

Multipurpose Aluminum Complex Grease provides outstanding performance over a broad range of operating conditions, especially wet environments.

Maxtron® EP

Synthetic Blend Lithium Complex Grease with Moly reduces friction between metal parts to provide the highest performance in severe-load and shock-loading applications.

Poly-Xtreme® Grease

High-Temperature Polyurea Grease can migrate to the spots where lubrication is needed most to resist moisture and prevent rust and corrosion.


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