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Maxtron Deo

A synthetic blend premium heavy-duty diesel engine oil that protects heavy-duty engines in dirty conditions, as well as equipment running in intense heat and cold ambient temperatures.

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Running a fleet of trucks is tough business.

Maxtron® DEO provides superior protection for both modern diesel engines with exhaust emission control systems and older heavy-duty diesel engines operating on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

Protect your operation from daily, rigorous conditions with:
  • Exceptional oil pumpability for reduced wear during cold start ups
  • Reduced deposit and oil consumption for longer engine, emission and DPF life
  • Increased oil durability to extend the life of your engine
  • Less soot and deposit buildup
  • Longer drain intervals
  • Decreased oil volatility for reduced consumption and less oil in the emission system
Poor Performer compared to Maxtron Deo with EnduroVis TM
Maintain a cleaner engine with:
  • Excellent oxidation control
  • Exceptional soot and deposit control to reduce engine wear
  • A high total base number for reserve quality retention and contaminant neutralization

Excellent Viscosity Retention Keeps You on the Road Longer

Maxtron DEO is formulated with a cutting-edge polymer, EnduroVis™, which ensures the oil in your engine retains 80% of its original viscosity throughout the entire drain interval. EnduroVis is 5x more shear stable than competitors, protecting your equipment against the most severe conditions. Due to its unique star shape, EnduroVis maintains its form as it moves through the engine, thereby preventing destructive metal-on-metal contact while simultaneously working with critical additive agents, such as detergents and dispersants to provide additional engine protection from the first mile to the last.

Ideal for

  • Truck fleets with new, low-emission-compliant engines or older engines
  • Construction diesel engines operating under heavy loads
  • Agricultural diesel engines operating under severe conditions
  • Diesel passenger cars and light trucks
  • Stationary engines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Standby generators
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