Maxtron® DEO

The ultimate choice for the most severe conditions.

Maxtron DEO Synthetic Blend Diesel Engine Oil with Wear Saver Technology® is engineered to protect all modern engines with exhaust emission control systems. This unique formulation was also designed to provide additional protection for older, heavy-duty engines operating on low-sulfur or ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel. 

  • Emission and Catalyst Protection

    for longer oil and engine life

  • Oil Pumpability

    for reduced wear during cold startups

  • Oil Durability

    for extended oil and engine life

  • Exceptional Soot Control

    to reduce engine wear

  • High TBN

    for "reserve quality" retention

  • Reduced Deposits And Oil Consumption

    for longer engine, emission and DPF system life

  • Less Oil Volatility

    for reduced consumption, lower deposits and less oil in the emission system

  • Extended Drain Service

    for 2007-and-older model engines

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Recommended for the most severe operating conditions

  • Long hours
  • Dust and dirt
  • Heavy loads
  • Extended subzero or hot weather

Ideal for

  • Truck fleets with new, low-emission-compliant engines or older engines
  • Construction diesel engines operating under heavy loads
  • Agricultural diesel engines operating under severe conditions
  • Diesel passenger cars and light trucks
  • Stationary engines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Standby generators

Wear Saver Technology for longer engine life

The Wear Saver Technology in Maxtron DEO provides “reserve quality” protection for engines under the most extreme conditions.

Unique soot dispersant technology and powerful detergents help keep engines clean. Soot in diesel engine crankcase lubricants form massive structures (a), which cause thickening, abrasive wear, excessive oil consumption and reduced oil life. Maxtron DEO keeps soot particles fine (b) for less oil thickening.

A high, long-lasting Total Base Number (TBN) protects against corrosion from acids for the life of the oil. Field tests prove that the extra reserve quality provided by the Maxtron DEO TBN can deliver engine protection beyond the recommended oil-drain intervals.

Total Base Number/Total Acid Number Crossover

Anti-wear additives and advanced shear-resistant radial polymers protect against metal-to-metal contact by keeping high-pressure components lubricated for reduced wear.

Superior viscosity retention and shear resistance

Maxtron DEO features advanced radial polymer technology that maintains viscosity longer to extend the life of the oil. This impressive performance is the result of the strikingly different shape of the advanced radial polymers in Maxtron DEO. Unlike outdated long-chain polymers that break down more quickly, these advanced polymers are designed to retain their shape, minimizing viscosity breakdown.

Maxtron DEO Advanced Radial Polymer Technology

Excellent oxidation reduction

Formulated to overcome the thermal deficiencies of conventional petroleum oils, Maxtron DEO reduces volatility (burn-off), deposit formation and oil thickening from high heat. When burn-off is reduced, there is less need to add oil, and fewer deposits result in less wear. When oil thickening is controlled, drag is reduced for better efficiency and a higher level of protection.

Make the switch to the oil that runs smart.

The Peace of Mind You Need
10 year warranty badge

The Cenex Total Protection Plan® is the most comprehensive warranty in the agricultural market. With unsurpassed equipment coverage, you can prevent downtime and avoid costly repairs. Plus, by using premium products like Maxtron Enviro-EDGE, you may already be eligible for coverage on your new or used equipment.