Meet the cenexpert®

Cassie Reule

Senior Marketing Manager



Fostering Community Connection Through Inclusive Sports

Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports, based in Minot, N.D., is paving the way for athletes of all abilities to get in the game.

Providing Essential Food Resources to Children in Need

Find out how the Cenex Hometown Pride grant allowed the Hawley, Minn. based REACH® Inc. provides essential food resources to children in need.

What octane ratings really mean for your car

If you’ve ever contemplated which grade of gasoline to put in your tank, you’re not alone. Learn more about octane ratings and what they mean for your engine.

Battling Food Insecurity for Neighbors in Need

Learn how the Hometown Pride Grant will help the Backus Community Café provide solutions to hunger for its community.

Keeping Support for Those Battling Severe Illness Local

Cares for Cancer, based in Hankinson, N.D., provides those in need with financial help for medical and transportation expenses.

Cenex® brand awards first Hometown Pride 2.0 grant

H&M Youth Rodeo Series, based in Howes, S.D., supports youth riders and ropers while bringing the local community together.

Tips for Winterizing Bulk Fuel Storage

Prepare your bulk fuel storage tanks for winter with these simple tips.

3 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Our fuels expert shares three tips to extend the life of your equipment.